Friday, 10 August 2012

The internet and fakes

We all find it a lot easier to hide behind a computer screen and do things on-line we would never contemplate doing in the real world. We say things to others, we write stuff about ourselves and we even buy stuff on-line that we would never buy in traditional shop. The majority of us do innocent things we would be too shy to do on-line, but some do things that can be classed as criminal activity or misleading others.

I have been using online dating services recently to find myself a new partner; it’s the quickest way to go about it. I quickly found out that the world of online dating for singles is full of malicious individuals pretending to be a potential partner only to trick you into giving up your personal information. I have read stories of people being tricked into handing over half their life savings. One particular story I found hurtful was when a lady was led along for 12 months by someone who was pretending to be in the British army fighting in the Middle East. The scammer promised to marry her, and every so often would ask to borrow some money. The last straw was when he asked for a large sum of money to pay for his medical bills, which seemed a bit odd and the lady finally caught on.  

My experience of fake profiles has been of men pretending to be women on dating websites; it is really frustrating because you cannot tell who is a real user and who is not. It almost put me completely off from online dating until I found free dating site GiggaDate, this site has a vigorous verification process which satisfies me that all the users on the site are real users.

If like me you are put off by all the fake profiles on dating sites then I would recommend signing up to a site like Free dating site GiggaDate who go out of their way to report fake profiles and make sure all their members are real people.

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