Monday, 30 July 2012

Need a Date for the Weekend?

Need a date for the weekend?

Our beloved British summer is now becoming depressing! For the past few months we have had a lot more rain than sun, even the hose pipe ban has been lifted due to the amount of torrential rain we have had. I woke up this morning to find my street flooded, with water ankle high – so I just went back to bed.

I am getting fed-up of waking up alone, I’m young, good looking and very charming so it’s about time I got myself a girlfriend. The only problem is where do I meet young ladies? I work in the IT industry which is dominated by men, all my female acquaintances are already paired up and I haven’t really got the time to go clubbing and partying.

I never considered it, but maybe a dating site is the most logical way for me, I get to meet nice singles and pre-arrange a nice date with them. Sounds a lot more efficient than going around clubs and parties trying to find the right person!

I am quite wary about all the different dating sites out there, there are free ones, paid ones and speciality ones. I recently saw an advert on telly for a dating website that specialises in people in uniform i.e. 
policemen, firemen, nurses and doctors. I am not ready to pay for a date finding service yet, so I think I will go for something like– it offers all the features of a paid service but for free.

I have also read online that many dating sites have fake profiles, or profiles created by robots to spam other members. According to the creators of GiggaDate free dating sites there should be no fake profiles on their website, which is reassuring as I haven’t got the time or patience to be dealing with timewasters.

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