Sunday, 8 July 2012

Premium Features at Giggadate is a  100% free dating website, there is no sign up fee and no monthly cost. On top of that half of any revenue generated by the website via its affiliate sponsor is donated to the charity which is voted for by the users. Another unique feature of is that each member' main image is verified using a webcam via Giggadate's verification agents so there are no fake profiles.

Free user features

 just because it is a free to use website does not mean that it lacks any “nice to have” features. has a free 1-2-1 Video Chat service and a free Chatroulette feature. Both these features can be used by all verified members to communicate with other verified members.

1-2-1 Video Chat

Pretty self explanatory, users can use their webcams to talk to other users. If a picture can say a thousand words then a video can say a million! This is a great way to break the ice between potential dates; it lets you put your guard down but without the fear or nervousness of a traditional face to face chat.

Chat Roulette

This particular feature can be great fun and is a great way to quickly and randomly meet people online. Rather than going through profiles and trying to find the next person to chat to, users at can use the Roulette wheel to find a person by gender and location. This makes for a very entertaining and interesting way to meet people.

If you are bored and fed-up of traditional dating websites then give a try, it is 100% free and has all the features of premium dating sites. And, most importantly the site makes an extra effort to ensure there are no fake profiles on the site or any spammy “robot profiles”. If you are feeling adventurous then take a spin on the Chatroulette.

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