Thursday, 12 April 2012

Free Dating

I am a user of many "free" dating sites and one thing that hits me hard is the number of messages I get from members but after I reply I get no reply back. I know the joke would be to ask what it is I’m saying in my reply to put them off, but I do get replies from some. I just find the ratio between the two is alarming. I have done some experiments and made some different profiles (yes I made a fake profile!) and in a few certain dating sites which are market leaders, the results are terrible. One which is being advertised on the telly in the UK now is the worst by far. If you register I guarantee you will receive multiple messages from hot suitors however you will not be able to read them without paying. No wonder they can afford a TV advert! I just wonder how many of those messages would respond to a reply, or are they just to get you to pay for the membership upgrade! Do your bit to stop this. Sign this petition and support GiggaDate on the mission to create a safe place for free dating by only using GiggaDate because you know every member is real.

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